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Ottawa Sedation Dentists Associate : Michael Saso, DDS

Dr. Michael Saso, DDSYou can experience fear-free dentistry with our sedation techniques. Our associate, Dr. Saso has been delivering hundreds of cases since 2010. The most cases completed and thus providing greater peace of mind that he can address all types of cases. He received his DDS (honours) in 1987, and his Diploma of Dental Anaesthesia in 1990, both at the University of Toronto. Only one dentist per year in Canada graduates with this advanced level of training in anesthesia.

He began his career as a Dental Intern at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, learning advanced dental procedures from various dental specialists and furthering his knowledge of anesthesia and medicine. In 1990, Dr. Saso relocated to Ottawa, Ontario where he joined a group dental practice that focuses on sedation dentistry. Currently, he offers his services at the private practice Dental Anaesthesia Group and provides consultations for the Ottawa Hospital Department of Dentistry. His practice is limited to patients who require advanced techniques of pain and anxiety control.

He is active in many local, national, and international dental associations in the fields of dental anesthesia, cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, implant dentistry, and CAD/CAM dentistry. In 2002, Dr. Saso was selected to be a member of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, which recognizes dentists worldwide for outstanding achievements in their field. Dr. Saso enjoys teaching and has given lectures at provincial and national dental meetings.

Dr. Saso also understands the value in keeping pace with current techniques and procedures. This ensures that he is always able to provide quality care to his patients. He is currently working on expanding his knowledge of surgical and restorative techniques with several internationally respected dental professionals. Many dental professionals refer to and trust that their most sensitive patients will be treated with dental implants Ottawa exceptional care by Dr. Saso.

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